NYSC Batch B Corpers: Are you ready???

NYSC Batch B Corpers: Are you ready???

Guess what? NYSC is finally here. The time has come again for another batch to be shipped off to different camps for … whatever goes on there really. For those who don’t know what NYSC is, it’s the National Youth Service Corps which is a mandatory one year of service to our country after University (For more information, click here). I’m part of the herd this time. I’m super excited and wary at the same time because I have heard numerous and countless different versions of the camp experience (both good and bad). I have decided to throw them all out of the window and reserve my opinions for when I get there and experience it myself with fresh eyes.

I got my call up letter two nights ago by midnight, (trust NYSC to prolong the suspense of knowing where you’ve been thrown to the last minute) how fitting. I sympathise with all those who didn’t get their state of choice I really do. Let’s take a moment of silence. But if you got where you wanted like me, can we get an amen. *Whoop whoop*.
The time really has come, to go off to camp and start off the next phase in our lives. So let’s do a quick checklist of very important stuff we need to take along with us.

The Official Documents (because without these you might as well not even bother coming):

NYSC Official Documents for Corpers

The necessary items:

NYSC Camp Essentials for Corpers

My Essentials:

NYSC Corper
My Camp Essentials

Yes yes, I have to take those items along. Just because I’m going to camp doesn’t mean I won’t exfoliate (we are not savages after all). Hair and skin care wont stop because of camp y’all. Join the movement.

And that is a wrap. Please ensure to travel safely. There are whatsapp groups according to states of mobilisation. Please join them to make travel arrangements easier and most importantly safer. Hope this helps for those going to camp. Leave your thoughts down below, also subscribe and share because someone out there may be going to camp and will find this list very helpful.

P.S What do you guys hope to gain from camp? /What are your hidden goals for camp?

For some it’s to catch husband, (as many other corpers have shown the way that it is indeed a prime place to find “the one”), or for connection, or to go there and deceive themselves that it’s an alternate universe where they can do anything they want (y’all know yourselves). Which one are you? Tell me so in the comment section.

For me, it’s to meet great people and widen my social circle. I hope to meet some of you guys there. Don’t forget to make the best of camp and have a great time. Check out my previous blog post here. See you guys in my next blog post.

Lots of love,


6 thoughts on “NYSC Batch B Corpers: Are you ready???

  1. I frigging enjoyed reading this post and the images are awesome. The part where you gotta exfoliate in camp since y’all ain’t savages is hilarious. I’d like to know how well that goes. I haven’t gone for my Nysc yet. I’ll be going mid year by God’s grace and i’m not entirely looking forward to it but when that time comes, I’ll most likely have the same motive as you-meeting great people and networking. Looking forward to your next post. Wish you a safe journey and a productive time in camp. 😘😘

  2. Lol. This post cracked me up. I’m part of the herd too but I got Kaduna 😢. All is well tho. I’m one of those ones going to catch husband oh. No dulling. #Catchmeabae2018. This post is very helpful. Cant wait to see more posts from you. Awesome job.

    1. Lol. Your honesty is so refreshing dear. Go get you a bae at camp please. I’m super glad you find this post helpful. You just made my day.Thanks girl. Enjoy camp and make the best of it 😙

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