GOODBYE 2017: HELLO 2018

GOODBYE 2017: HELLO 2018

Happy 2018 Everyone!!!  I’m so happy and blessed that we crossed over to the new year together, that I’m here writing to you guys in this moment.  This is a time to say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018. First of all I’d love to acknowledge 2017 and all the great things that happened on there. Let us all reflect on this past year and first of all thank God together for the beautiful gift of life. That is the ultimate gift. Next let’s thank Him for our health, then our hope (so important because if you are living without hope you are not living at all). Thank Him for your dreams and aspirations. Thank Him for your family and your friends.  For all He has done for you (most importantly keeping you alive to see the new year).  Great.

Now let’s get a bit personal. 2017 started off for me with a bang as Jan 3rd was when I got my confirmation of Internship (mandatory for one year for Physiotherapists after graduation) after 9 months of waiting (I’ve talked about that here). It was a year of many blessings. And this 2018 has already started off with such a bang too.  So many wonderful things happening all at once and it is amazing and exciting too (Are you guys excited and ready for the year?).

New year

So hello 2018.  Let’s talk resolutions. Yes I know it’s very cliché and you don’t have to wait till the New Year to make resolutions as with each new day there is an opportunity to make your resolutions, set wonderful goals, stick to them and work hard to achieve them. But guess what, we are already in 2018. And that’s a brand new day and a brand new year so let’s just take this opportunity to set some goals. Let’s write out what we want this year.  How we want to grow spiritually and mentally. How we want to get those degrees, the steps we have to carry out to get that job or get that business going or flourishing. Let’s list it all out and speak it into existence because God gave us dominion over this earth and if we have the utmost utter faith we can achieve whatever it is we want despite immeasurable odds and above and beyond all obstacles.

Here are some of my resolutions I want to share with you :

  • To have the best relationship with God
  • To be very healthy and fit
  • To do at least 5 courses this year
  • To be happy always and never ever worry about my future (because honestly it has gotten me nowhere and all I got for my troubles were serious migraines and a bad attitude)

What are you thankful for in the past year and what are your resolutions for this one? Let me know in the comment section down below. Have a blessed year everyone  :*

10 thoughts on “GOODBYE 2017: HELLO 2018

  1. Heyyyy
    My resolutions
    1. Pray everyday
    2. Exercise everyday
    3. Read everyday
    It’s copied but I hope I can achieve this
    We want more posts o!

    1. Yaay, more posts are definitely coming your way. Thanks so much Sunshine. I love that name by the way and it seems to fit your profile. I love your goals too and they are also part of my resolutions. Lol. We shall achieve them by God’s grace, amen. 😚🤗

  2. Happy New Year Geenie. 😀 I’m thankful for my family and amazing friends in my life, for the numerous blessings that I’d bestowed upon me and for good health in the last year. I’m not a new year resolutions person, but I have set goals for the new year some of which include doing more volunteering. So help me God. Great post. Well done love.

    1. Thanks beautiful bebe. Thanks for listing what you are thankful for. I love your resolutions especially the volunteering more one as that is part of my new resolutions. We shall achieve them all beautifully 😘🤗

  3. Nice writeup.. My goals this year are… God, family, personal development(YaliNetwork, Android Dev, Google Marketing Class), investment… And am not giving up.

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